Little Angel English

Little Angel English

"Unlock the Wings of English with Little Angel English: Soar to Fluency and Confidence in a Fun and Engaging Way!"

Instructor: Muhammad Yeasir And Marzia tubaLanguage: English

About the course



Little Angel English is an interactive course designed for young learners to improve their English language skills. Through engaging activities, animated videos, and interactive exercises, children will develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. This course aims to provide a solid foundation in English fluency while making the learning process fun and enjoyable.

Key Highlights:

  • Engaging activities and games to enhance language learning
  • Animated videos to make learning more interactive and appealing
  • Interactive exercises for practicing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Focus on building a strong foundation in English language fluency
  • Fun and enjoyable learning experience for young learners

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to basic vocabulary and expressions
    In this section, students will learn essential English vocabulary and common expressions through interactive lessons and activities. They will develop their listening and speaking skills, enabling them to communicate effectively in basic conversations.
  • Building reading and writing skills
    This module focuses on improving students' reading and writing abilities. They will learn phonics, develop comprehension skills, and practice writing simple sentences and stories. The aim is to build their foundation in reading and writing in English.
  • Enhancing listening and speaking abilities
    In this section, students will participate in conversational activities, listen to audio resources, and practice pronunciation. The focus is on improving their listening and speaking skills, helping them become confident English speakers.
  • Grammar and vocabulary expansion
    This module covers essential grammar rules and vocabulary expansion. Students will learn how to form sentences correctly, use different tenses, and expand their vocabulary through interactive exercises, games, and quizzes.
  • Developing communication skills
    The final section emphasizes developing effective communication skills. Students will learn how to express their ideas, ask questions, give opinions, and have conversations on various topics. They will engage in role-plays, discussions, and group activities to enhance their communication abilities.



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